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Amazing Art

We clearly have some artists in the class, just look at some of these works of art! The children were asked to decorate half of their self-portrait with pictures that gave me some clues about their personality and interests. 

Back to School

We've had a brilliant first week back to school in Year 6. It has been excellent getting to know the children and doing lots of different activities to ease us into our first week together. Things have been very different in school but we have lots of routines in place that we are getting used to now. The children have tackled everything with enthusiasm this week and I'm very much looking forward to more of the same. 

Democracy Day- Head Boy/Girl

As part of British Values we have all taken part in democracy day here at St. Oswald's. We all voted for a new Head Boy/Girl and other important roles throughout the school. The candidates recorded their speeches, which were then watched within each class, explaining the qualities they had to offer.

Well done to Isla and Jacob!

Science Investigation

Our science topic this term has been Animal Including Humans. We have been learning about the functions of the heart and our pulse rate. Together we formed an investigation that would find out if our pulse rate would rise during exercise. Within our investigation we ensured there was  fair testing and there were controlled variables

Positive Mental Health

Year 6 have been recently finding about how to achieve positive mental health. We investigated the ways in which we can keep our minds healthy and how to help other people to do the same.

Children In Need 2020

For this years Children In Need Day we all dressed in 'Whatever makes you Happy' outfits. The children came to school in a wide variety of wonderful attire. We also took part in the Live with Joe Wicks workout. 

Tranquil Treehouse Sessions

Mrs McSheffrey from 'Tranquil Treehouse' has started weekly Wellbeing sessions with our Year 6 pupils. In today's session the children identified how they all felt and likened different moods to the weather. The aim of this task was to make sure that the children have a better chance at expressing their feelings in a healthy way and learn how to regulate them. The children also looked at some different breathing techniques to use to calm down quickly. Finally they linked in some relaxing stretches and had a go at the 'tree pose. The children can't wait to find out what they will be learning next week.'


We have been studying the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We have been learning about abstract art and also that Kandinsky felt he could express feelings and music through colour and shape in his paintings. The children in Year 6 all produced an abstract work of art inspired by Kandinsky.


The Year 6 children have been improving their skills of observation and also mastering different drawing techniques whilst sketching feathers and shells. What wonderful images! 

Walk for Water- CAFOD

As part of our Lenten promises we have been fund raising for CAFOD. All the children were sponsored to walk around the yard each day to raise money for the 'Walk for Water' campaign.

Science - Electricity

In our science this half term we have been studying 'Electricity'. We have been learning about the amount of volts in a battery. We experimented with batteries that were varying voltages to see how it affected the brightness and effectiveness of a light bulb.

Stations of Cross

The prayer called the Stations or Way of the Cross helps us to remember how much Jesus loves us. Jesus carried the heavy cross for us and died so all our sins could be forgiven and we could live with him in heaven one day. Praying the Station of the Cross is also a way to tell Jesus that we love him.  


Our new topic in science is Evolution and Inheritance. In this session the children were asked to think about how inherited characteristics lead to both similarities and differences between offspring and parents. One of starter activities was to sort the inherited characteristics cards based on whether the characteristics can be inherited or not.


During this session the children were asked to create a data base of their chosen information using the tools on Purple Mash to design a quiz for a younger child. The children were very focused and really enjoyed this activity.  

Woodwork Day linked to the Year of St. Joseph

After learning about St. Joseph, we spent time, designing and making our own moving toys. We had to cut dowel very carefully to make sure that they would fit into our boxes. We loved painting and decorating the moving toys too. 



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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