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School Council

Role of a School Council Representative

September'19 - July'20

Each class voted for their nominated School Council representative.

Year 6 - Martha-rai and Joe

Year 5 - Tallullah and Leo

Year 4 - Lyla and Joseph

Year 3 - Emily and Myles

Year 2 - Lola and Jake




September 2019 - The School Council met for the first time. We learned about our role as a school councillor and discussed how we thought we could help.

Lots of us thought it was important to be representatives of our classmates and that we could be involved in helping to change things and make things happen.  

We looked at how to hold meetings using an agenda, taking the minutes and listening to each others ideas.

October 2019 - We collected lots of ideas from our classmates and brought them to the meeting. Each class representatives talked about what they would like. There were lots of ideas ranging from rugby pitches, fundraising, bike racks, air fresheners and fixing gates!

We needed to prioratise  the ideas into 4 main proposals to take to a meeting with Mrs Lightfoot. We looked at pricing of things and the practicality of what we were asking. 

November 2019 - We held a meeting with Mrs Lightfoot. We took our 4 proposals to her.

1. Keys stage 2 bike racks.

2. Air fresheners for boys' toilets.

3. Key stage 2 to bring in fruit snacks for morning break.(trial)

4. Packed lunches and dinners to sit together.

We thought the meeting went very well and were able to answer Mrs Lightfoot's questions about costings, where to put things, how things will work etc. We put up strong arguments for the proposals and we were very happy that Mrs Lightfoot agreed to all of our proposals. We will monitor the dinner hall to see if it is successful or not.

Making St Oswald's RC Stars for Christmas Fayre

December 2109 - As School Council representatives we were asked to meet with the School Governors. We were able to explain our role to them and also what we have achieved his year so far. We were quite nervous and some of us thought we were actually going to see the Government! They said we were doing a great job!

Hebburn Helps - we chose to support the local charity during Advent. We shared with our classmates the idea of creating a hamper for families who are less fortunate than us. We discussed appropriate items that families might need during Christmas to make meals etc  During the week 9th-13th Dec each class made up their own hamper. We were really happy that we were able to help others. The year 5 representatives also included a lovely letter with their hamper.

Hebburn Helps Hampers!

January 2010 - We held our first meeting of the year. Each year brought to the meeting items for the agenda that had been discussed in their classes. 

Year 6 - 'Buddy Table' at a dinner time.

Year 5 - Riding scooters in yard.

Year 4 - Football only areas/mugger.

Year 3 - A stage rota. Reading Shed.

Year 2 - Also a stage rota.

We discussed together how to and who to see to resolve the issues. Riding scooters was deemed unsafe after discussion.

Mrs Raine also informed us of how the school council will be involved with Lent this year. We will meet again next week to make posters and write a report for the newsletter.

School Council Meeting January 2020

Tallullah shared the thoughts of Year 5.
Myles took the minutes of the meeting.

School Council Meeting - 27th February 2020

During Lent the School Council are helping to support the charity 'Mary's Meals'.

Mary's Meals sets up school feeding programmes in some of the world's poorest communities, where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. Their vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education. It costs just £15.90 to feed a child for a whole school year. We held a meeting to learn about the charity so that we could inform our classmates. We helped distribute the donation mugs to each of the classes. 

We will be holding our own assembly to launch 'The Backpack Project' and we discussed this also in our meeting.


On Friday 28th February we attended school 'Wearing Blue' for a £1 donation. We spent the morning in house groups where we watched the film 'Saving Grace'. We then created our own prayers and thought about how we could give something up for Lent and donate the money to Mary's Meals. The staff were overwhelmed at some of the thoughtful and caring prayers that were written.  The amount raised was £188.76. Further donations can be made during the remainder of Lent.

School Council members collected the donation mugs from each class and are encouraging the class members to continue donating to the charity during the remainder of Lent.

'Wearing Blue' - Mary's Meals

Mary's Backpacks

Thank you to all the families that were able to produce a backpack for the Mary's Meals charity especially at a time when we have been thinking about issues so much closer to home. 22 backpacks were donated and I've been able to make a backpack full of 'Spare Resources'.

 so well done!

I have been in contact with the charity and obviously, the collection has been put on hold for now so hopefully the children will be back at school to see the backpacks being collected and sent on to the children in Malawi.

Stay safe everyone!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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