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School Council

Role of a School Council Representative

September '21- July'22

Each class voted for their nominated School Council representative.

Year 6 - Luke and Olivia

Year 5 - Ishara and Guy

Year 4 - Steven and Ella

Year 3 - Kate and Jude

Year 2 - Anya and Sam




Our School Council

September 2020 - The School Council met for the first time. We learned about our role as a school councillor and discussed how we thought we could help.

Lots of us thought it was important to be representatives of our classmates and that we could be involved in helping to change things and make things happen.  

We looked at how to hold meetings using an agenda, taking the minutes and listening to each others ideas.

October 2020

Harvest Festival

We held a non uniform day in school and were encouraged to wear 'Green' colours! Donations were made to Cafod's 'Go Green' campaign which highlighted how we could help the environment and climate change. 

The school Council had their own ideas of what they could do to help with this problem. Our ideas are on the board in our front entrance. We raised £121.00

Our food donations went to a local charity 'The Key Project Food Bank'. The school council representatives helped pack the food ready for collection. We were overwhelmed by the amount collected and the charity were extremely grateful.


February 2022- Today we held a meeting. The first in quite a while! We had the opportunity to ask our classmates if there were any changes they would like to see in school or if there were any ideas of how to improve the running of the school. We came back with some really interesting ideas that have been put forward to Mr Woodhouse. He is going to inform us of his decisions in our next meeting.

Year 6 - Reintroduction of the mugger and the gym.

            - Feminine products to be introduced in Key Stage 2 girls toilets.

Year 5 - More craft based after school clubs.

            - ICT club or being able to use the ICT suite.

Year 4 - Reward for staying on 'green'.

            - On hot days instead of 'Hot Chocolate' Fridays can there be 'Ice Cream' Fridays




“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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