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Prayer at St. Oswald's School

Our School Prayer 

Thank you God for our school today,
Bless us as we work and play.
Please be with us all day long,
In our work, or game or song,
May all the happy things we do,
Make our Father happy too. 

St. Oswald Prayer Stations

Throughout our school their are prayer stations so that the children can write a prayer for someone special or to remember a loved one.

Prayer Group

Our prayer leaders decided to use pebble prayers in this weeks prayer group. The children were invited to hold a pebble in their hand and say a prayer. We might ask God for strength and wisdom or to pray for someone special. Our prayer group is for all children throughout our school to come and talk to God through prayer.

Pebble Prayers

Take time to sit quietly with the stone in your hand

Let the warmth of your hands slowly warm the stone

As you sit, know that God is present.

Know that his love for you, let his love fill your hear

Let his love melt the cold places in your life....

Prayer Station-Ordinary Time

Following on from a class whole school liturgy, the children were encouraged when going forth to write a prayer about how we can walk with God throughout our lives. As you can see lots of children have visited our prayer station to write a prayer.

Prayer Group- 4.3.2019



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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