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Little Movers

At the beginning of every 'Little Movers' session we all join in with 'Michelle' and sing the Hello, how are you today song. We love it! Joining in with all the actions!

Hello, how are you today?

We had lots of fun today! We moved around the hall to 'The Can Can' music! We had to listen for the music to stop and then sit down as quick as we could. Then we added lots of actions - clapping, kicking our legs etc 

We played a game of passing the bean bag to our partner. Great throwing and catching! Tommy received the 'Little movers best dancer' trophy this week. 

We all join in with the 'Pinocchio' song! It is a bit tricky to balance on our bottoms to shuffle forwards and backwards and then to keep our arms and legs up in the air! but we think its lots of fun. 

This week we sang 'Row the boat' with our partners and we all screamed very loud when 'Mr Croc' came. We used the lycra sheet to sing the song '5 jungle animals bouncing on the bed.' Then we played 'What's the time Mr Croc?' we counted our footsteps and ran away before he ate us for his dinner. Joey was presented with the 'Little Movers Best Dancer' trophy.

Dance Week - we have practiced all the dances and learned a new one 'Shake your tail feather'- Myla received The Little Movers best dancer trophy.

Under the Sea! We used the lycra to create big waves and little waves for the sea creatures! Quinn received the 'Little Movers trophy' this week.

Fireworks - We moved like fireworks - spinning, jumping and zooming! Then we used to dance streamers to make big movements to represent the fireworks. Kythen was our best little mover this week!

This Week's Little Mover trophy went to Evie! Great dancing!

This week at Little Mover's we have been working with a partner. Practising our throwing and catching skills. We used a bean bag to pass to our friend, being careful not to throw it to hard! Then with a different partner we learned a new dance where we had to count the steps and then shimmy our shoulders. This week Little Mover's best dancer was Roman!

This week 'Little Movers' has been all about the farm. We explored moving in lots of different ways; jumping like frogs, hopping like bunnies, rolling in mud like pigs, swimming like ducks.  

Michelle was so impressed with our galloping!

Its Christmas Little Movers!

smileyHappy New Year - 2024smiley 

We are very happy to be back and enjoying our 'Little Mover's session'. This week we pretended to have our own New Year's Day party. We waved streamers to the music and then played games with balloons, it was tricky to keep it up in the air! Tommy received the Little Mover's trophy! 

Our new starters really enjoyed their first Little Mover's Session. This week it was all about fitness! So we kept fit through dancing, running on the spot and practising our throwing and catching. In the afternoon we moved in lots of different ways, running, crawling, jumping and hopping! 

Ada and Libby won the Little Mover's trophy for their great moves!

Pirate Week! - Arghhh! This week we danced like pirates! Kythen was great, stamping his feet and saying "Arghh"! Then we lined up our scarves into a long line, to walk the plank, being very careful not to fall in to the crocodile infested water! Then we learned a new song with actions about a pirate which we really enjoyed. Nevaeh received the 'Little Mover's' trophy for being determined to win the tug of war! Taking on all the boys by herself!

This week with our partners we practiced our dances. Then we used the big lycra to sing the song 5 little ducks, we made them bounce on the lycra as we sang the song. Then we played pass the ducks for us to have a cuddle. Finally, we played 'What's the time Mr Croc?' We counted the steps as we walked until he shouted 'dinner time!' In the afternoon, we moved to the Sticky Kids songs then played 5 little teddy bears bouncing on the bed! Scarlett was our Little Mover of the week!

We played a new game this week - Monkey tails! Everyone had a monkey tail tucked in their top and they needed to run fast so that they were not caught by the 'monkey catchers'. It was lots of fun and we saw some very competitive, fast runners that just did not give up! We learned a new dance where we needed to bounce our feet, hit the drums and jump really high! Isabelle was our Little Mover of the week for her great skipping! !'

You've gotta friend in me! - Our dance to the toy story song! This weeks Little Mover's trophy went to Sophia in the morning for great listening and Madison and Dryden in the afternoon for being the winners of the traffic light game!



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John 10:10

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