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Class Celebration of The Word

Year 2 - Celebration of the Word dedicated to the Blessed Mary

Reception Celebration of the Word

Reception Remembrance Day Celebration of the Word.

Year 5 Celebration of the Word - All Saints Day


A group of children led a Celebration of the Word to celebrate All Saints Day. We gathered in a circle around the green focal point. We thought about the saints and how they have made a difference in our world. Next, we shared the gospel after singing the Alleluia. The gospel reading was taken from Matthew 5: 1-12. It spoke about when Jesus went to the mountain to tell his people that they all belong in the kingdom of heaven. We responded to the gospel by reflecting in silence and by thinking about the person we would like to be. How can we live like saints? On the outline of a saint, we wrote qualities which we would like to have and listened to the quiet music. Finally, we shared our own prayers before ending with our appropriate hymn. 

Year 4 - Class Celebration
We used the planning board to plan our class Celebration of the Word. We were the first group to do this this year. The theme of our celebration was St Francis Of Assisi.

Year 2 - Celebration of the Word


To celebrate to end of our RE topic the children planned a Celebration of the Word. In groups they created their own Focal Point. The children could all explain why they had chosen each artefact and how it related to our chosen scripture. 

Nursery Celebration of the Word.


We celebrated the word this week in our class with our 'Welcome' prayers.  The children listened to the words from Isiah and reflected on their welcome into St Oswald's.  

As we go forth this week we are going to remember to smile and welcome everyone we meet in our school community.

Year 5 - Table 4 lead Celebration of the Word

In Year 5, Table 4 planned and lead a Celebration of the Word. We gathered around the focal point and thought about our week and how we have used our qualities to help others. They also played quiet music to help us focus and reflect. Next, they shared the gospel reading which was taken from Matthew 20:1-16. We reflected on the gospel before responding. We responded to the gospel reading by writing on a heart how we would accept others, just like Jesus in the reading. Finally, Table 4 led us in an appropriate hymn (All are welcome) before asking us to join in with the closing prayer. 



Class Celebration of the Word- 21.9.23

The children decided to plan our class liturgy this week all about love. Ella and Charlie-D wanted to link the liturgy to the current topic in our RE lessons. The children chose to read The Prodigal Son during the Word as the scripture tells us of the unconditional love God has for us. The girls also wrote some thought provoking prayers and asked the children to either write a prayer or a promise to how they would show love as their mission, on a heart we had made. To end the liturgy the girls decided to teach the children in the class how to sign LOVE using British Sign Language.

Class Celebration of the Word-17.10.23

Three of our Year 6 children planned the Celebration of the Word this week, they decided the theme would be 'Kindness.' The children wanted to gather around our prayer table in the classroom and listen to Ephesian 4:29-32. A heart was passed around the circle to allow the children to respond to the word by thinking or saying a kind statement.  They also asked the children in the class to think about ways we can be kind this week and write on a kindness symbol as their mission.  To end the celebration the children decided they wanted to sing 'My Lighthouse' a hymn which is joyful.

Class Celebration of the Word-6/2/24

Today we celebrated the life of Carlos Actis who is an example for all young people today. He was an ordinary child who truly believed in the importance of receiving the eucharist. He believed that if people knew that Jesus was truly in the eucharist they would turn to God. The children listen to the Gospel of Mark 22-26 and respond to it by performing a mantra and reflecting on how we can please God, just as Carlos did. We ended our celebration by singing A New Commandment.

Month of Mary- 21.05.24- Year 6 Celebration of the Word



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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