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Autumn Term 2

Spooky Spiders!

This week we have had lots of spider fun! We have made our own spiders, making sure we counted 8 legs for them. Playdough spiders with pipe cleaner legs and we had lots of fun finding the spiders in the slime. Spinderella and Mrs Spiders Tea Party were stories we shared.

Forest Friday - Spooky spells and muddy fun!

This week in our forest we noticed how wet the grass was from all the rain. We could hear it squelch and squerch when we walked on it. We soon found that it became very muddy where we had been walking. We made muddy handprints with it.

Spooky spells - we filled the cauldrons with our own spooky ingredients found in the forest. Bat wings (oak leaves). spiders legs (grass), frogs eyes (acorns) and vampires blood (red water)!

We found lots of leaves that the wind had blown off the trees in the storm and used them to make a leaf person!

School Nurse Service

The children's school nurses visited our nursery to help us learn about staying healthy and the importance of hand washing. They showed us, using a glittery ball, how germs are easily spread to each other. We could all see the 'glittery germs' on our hands! They showed us how to wash our hands and when we should wash them. 

We learned about taking care of our teeth and visiting the dentist. 


This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. It is a celebration that will be take place in  Hindu families and communities. We shared the story of Dipal's Diwali and learned how his family get ready for the festival. They decorate their houses with 'Rangoli patterns' and the use Diva lamps to represent 'light' and they  symbolize prosperity in the new year. We learn about other peoples cultures and how they are similar to our own celebrations.


Forest Friday - Looking after our plants and animals

We have been tidying our planters in preparation to plant Spring bulbs. We pulled all the weeds out and raked the soil. We are planting daffodils, tulips, crocuses and other spring bulbs. They need to be planted now and will stay under the soil all through the winter! 

We have also been looking after the birds, using our old pumpkin to make a bird feeder. You can see it  on our interesting tree in the forest. It was very interesting looking at all the different birds. 

Finally, as part of remembrance we made our own poppy biscuits, using red icing and a chocolate button. We talked about why the poppy is significant as we remember the importance of peace.

Children In Need 2023

We have had lots of Pudsey fun in our nursery. We have learned about fundraising and how our money supports children around the UK. 

We looked great in our 'spotty' and 'Pudsey' clothes! 

Outside, our nursery had been covered in colourful spots! We used brushes, rollers and sponges to clean them off!

The kitchen staff made Pudsey biscuits which we had as a treat!

The first fall of snow!


We loved exploring the first snow of winter this week.  We pulled our friends on sledges, used coloured water in spray bottles to 'paint' the snow, and we discovered that ice is very hard!


In RE this week we started to learn about how Advent is a time of preparation.  There are lots of things to prepare for Jesus' birthday including decorating our houses, buying presents, writing cards and singing!  We made our own lists of things we might do in preparation for Christmas.

Circles and Squares


This week we have done lots of learning about circles and squares.  We used the mathematical language of 'sides' and 'corners', we sorted them into categories, we found objects of those shapes around our setting and then we were inspired by the work of Kandinski into creating our own pieces of artwork using circles and squares.

Our Christmas Party

Well we had lots of fun at our party today. We had dancing, games, party food and a very special visit from Santa Claus. 

Christmas Baking

This week we have followed a recipe to make our own Christmas cakes. First, we looked at the 'ingredients' - butter, sugar, flour, milk, fruit, cherries and mixed spices, which gave it it's lovely Christmassy smell!

We used different methods of baking as we followed the instructions - 'creaming', 'whisking', 'sieving' and 'stirring'.

Then we cooked them in the oven for a long time! When they had cooled we had lots of fun decorating them with icing and decorations. We hope our families enjoy eating them!

Miss Porter and Mrs Raine would like to wish our nursery families a wonderful and peaceful Christmas! We're sure that all the children are on Santa's 'good list' and think they will get lots of surprises! We will see you all in the New Year!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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