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Autumn 2023

Year 2 - R.E. - Celebrating our Advent topic and creating a class advent wreath to remind us of God's everlasting love for us.

Year 2 - Maths - Constructing 3-D shapes and counting the faces

Year 2 - P.E. The children have been focussing on improving their balance and flexibility in gymnastics

Year 2 - Tennis Festival. The children had a fantastic afternoon dedicated to tennis. Boldon School sports leaders guided us through various events involving throwing, hitting and even balancing the ball. As well as being enjoyable, the children also acquired some new skills.

Year 2 - Discovery Zoo. It was incredible to get so close to the animals at Discovery Zoo. As a result, this has enhanced our learning with links to our English and Science topics.

Year 2 Maths. The children showed fantastic Maths skills by adding and subtracting a multiple of ten. They started from a central number and moved one square at a time by writing the relevant number sentence. The winner was the first to reach a corner square.

Year 2 enjoyed attending mass on Tuesday 17th October 2023.

Year 2 RE-Baptism. We discussed the order of the Rite of Baptism as well as the signs and symbols. Then, the children enjoyed re-enacting their own Baptisms.

Year 2- RE Judaism. We discussed the different parts of the Havdalah ceremony which marks the end of Shabbat (a special time for people of the Jewish faith). Next, we then made this come alive by recreating part of the ceremony by making our own spice boxes. It was fun to choose the spices by taking in their scent and including appropriate images to decorate the box.

Year 2 - Science - The children investigated how to create a circuit which lit the light bulb. This was a great opportunity for the children to explore making circuits independently. You can see how excited they were when they were successful.

Year 2 - RE - Collective Worship - To celebrate to end of our RE topic the children planned a Celebration of the Word. In groups they created their own Focal Point. The children could all explain why they had chosen each artefact and how it related to our chosen scripture.

Year 2 - Maths - Adding by making 10. The children used numicon maths equipment to help them understand how a 1-digit number can be partitioned when we are adding it to a larger number.

Year 2 - Information Technology. We investigated how information technology can help us. Each person took turns playing the role of a customer, the scanner/item finder and the price finder/adder to demonstrate how a till works.

Year 2 Design & Technology- During our lesson, the children produced some fantastic theme boards as part of our patchwork topic. Then, we voted on which theme we would investigate further as a class. Can you guess which theme won?

Year 2 - RE - Look at this fantastic display of Year 2's work. In this RE topic the children have been enjoying writing about the Creation Story and they have been describing when, how and why we pray at St Oswald's.

Year 2 - Family Liturgical Prayer - Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian.

“Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, twin brothers who embraced Christianity and practised medicine and surgery without charging their patients a fee. At that time most doctors charged money for medical services. Their kindness and selflessness brought many followers to the Christian faith. “


“They were arrested because of their faith in God. St Cosmas and Saint Damian were told they could go free if they turned away from God. However, they stayed true to their beliefs and faced the same fate as Jesus. They are called Martyrs by the Catholic church.”


Year 2 - Family Liturgical Prayer - Parent Responses

Year 2 - This fantastic poem won our Roald Dahl Day class competition. Well done!

Year 2 - These 3 boys surprised Mrs Keith this morning. She asked the children to count in multiples of 10. Look how far they counted!!!

Year 2 Science - What do we know about electricity? The children worked in pairs to discuss what they already knew about electricity before we start our new science topic.

Year 2 Maths - The children used numicon to demonstrate how to partition 2-digit numbers.



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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