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Spring Term 2024

Easter Crispy Cakes! We had lots of fun making these!

Part whole models in maths today learning our number bonds to 10!

Looking after the chicks!

Spotting signs of Spring on our Spring walk.

DT! Designing, making and evaluating our own fruit kebabs!

Fruit tasting! Today we tasted all the fruits from the book Handa's Surprise! We loved pineapple and mango!

Handa's Surprise! Lots of work on our story this week! Story mapping, sorting animals and making baskets! We even explored some floating and sinking and some independent phonics!

Little Kickers! Working on our football skills!

Odd and Even! Today we used our ten frame outside to go through which numbers were odd and which were even! Great Maths!

Today we went outside for our maths lesson to find 1 more and 1 less!

We had a special visitor this week! PC Thubron came to talk to us all about being a police officer. We tried on some police hats and jackets and even handcuffs!

People who help us! We have loved learning about different jobs this week and how they help the community!

Today we have been learning all about Chinese New Year! We know it's the year of the dragon so we made our own dragons, had a parade and tried some prawn crackers. We loved it!

Islam! This week we have been learning about the religion Islam. We thought about our own special objects and then looked at prayer mats. We took our shoes off before stepping on the prayer mat and then we designed our own!

We experimented with scales in maths this week. We even made our own outside! We had to find out which object was heavier and which was lighter!

In RE we have listened to the story of Jesus in the Temple. He went with Mary and Joseph and met Anna and Simeon when he was there. Simeon and Anna said Jesus was the light of the world. We acted out the story and made our own candles.

This week we went to visit church as part of our RE topic. We used some pictures and we had to find them in the church! We even met our parish priest Fr Keith!

The children loved exploring with the magnets this afternoon. We decided to go around and test what was magnetic and what wasn't! We found lots of places where the magnet stuck!

More from number day! Lots of counting and even writing numbers ourselves. We counted in the maths area, small world, carpet area and outside!

Number Day! Moving our bodies and counting at the same time!

Number Ordering! Today for maths day we had to find a number and put ourselves in the right order!

Some more of our learning this week! There was lots of police in our classroom as we have been learning about people who help us!

Bird Watching! The whole school have been counting how many birds we can see outside at school. Today Reception headed out to count the birds and look at the different types.

We are always so busy in Reception. Enjoy these pictures of our learning this week!

Composition of 1-5. Today we went round the classroom to find items to represent 1-5. We all chose different items and had great counting and ordering skills!

Look at our aeroplanes fly!

Still image for this video

We absolutely loved making paper aeroplanes this week linked to our transport topic! We had to fold them carefully and then took them outside to fly! We even saw a real aeroplane in the sky!

We have been exploring squares and rectangles. We spotted lots of squares and rectangles in the environment!

Enjoying our first two weeks back at school! We have been learning all about transport!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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