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Spring Term 2

Jasper's Beanstalk

We shared the story of Jasper the cat who finds and plants a bean. We have learned about taking care of plants and what they need to help them grow! Jack, Kythen, Ollie and Ada helped make our very own beanstalk in the nursery - they had to solve the problem of how to reach the top! We have explored lots of measuring techniques including rulers, tape measures and unifix cubes to see how long or tall things are! 

During Forest Friday, we started so observe things that have begun to grow again now that it is Spring. Then we planted our own beans so that we can observe them growing. We know from the story that this will take a long time! Maybe, when you are out and about see if you can spot things growing again!

More about Growing!

We have continued to learn about growing. We have been learning about how to take care of our bean plant, making sure it gets lots of sunshine and water.

Ollie - "You will need to remember to water it or it will die."

We have put some beans in a plastic bottle so we can see the 'roots' and 'shoots' grow!

We have looked at each other within our groups to see who is the 'tallest/shortest' person! We stood beside each other to measure, then we used different measuring tools to measure our partners. 

Leo B - "You can use this (ruler) ." 

We had lots of great estimating how many blocks we needed to measure each other.

Roman W - "Tommy was 7 blocks, I think Elijah will be 10!"

Outside we looked for signs of Spring. We celebrated St David's day on forest Friday by using different materials to create our own daffodils, the flower that represents Wales. 

coolWorld Book Day 2024cool

Today we celebrated the world of books! Reading books develops our language, communication, knowledge, imagination and wonder. 

We have engaged in lots of conversations about dressing up in our favourite characters.

"I'm Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk." - Jack

"I'm the witch and there's a dragon in my story." - Amelia

"I'm the beautiful butterfly from the very hungry caterpillar." - Evie

We have also shared the stories, from the author, Eric Carle. We noticed that lots of his books have animals! We made a book mark based on his stories which will be entered into competition! 

Sharing stories with our grown ups is very important. We loved inviting them into our nursery to share our books with them.

Our Favourite Book Characters - we looked great!

World Book Day Fun!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Our focus story and learning has been based on the story. We have looked at healthy foods, based on the story and foods that we should only have as a treat! 

We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and the process of it changing (metamorphosis). 

In our math's work, we have looked at and made our own symmetrical patterns on the butterfly's wings making sure the pattern is the same on both sides. 

Today we had the treat of creating our own healthy fruit salad! Practicing using a knife to cut the fruit and talking about which fruit is hard/soft, which fruit has skin, which skin can you eat and which skin do you need to peel off, do all fruit have seeds/pips etc 

But the best part was getting to eat it!


Easter Egg Fun!

What a busy week in our nursery with lots of Easter activities. 

We have shared lots of 'egg' stories - our favourite being 'The Golden Egg'. 

The chick is on the hunt for the 'golden' egg! On his way he finds lots of other colours but not the golden one! The Easter rabbit tells him that its not golden eggs but chocolate eggs that are the best!

We went on our own egg hunt finding all the colours - when we got back to the nursery we found chocolate eggs that we got to taste! We wonder who left them?

Holy Week

In nursery, as the season of Lent is ending we have shared The Easter Story. We have joined the assembly in school each day as the older children have reenacted each part of Holy Week. 

We have used leaves and petals that have grown in our forest (new life) to make a natural cross. 

As part of our 'Come and See' curriculum we thought about how we grow in God's love and how we can be kind to others. 

"I will read book to Kythen." - Jack

"I will help people up if they fall over." - Ada

"I will help wash the dishes." - Amelia


We decorated our own Easter biscuits. Choosing the patterned icing to go on top of the biscuit and then we used food colouring to 'paint' them. We think they look delicious!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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