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Our intent is that every pupil is a musician, developing as a performer, singer and composer; with the ability to listen and to critically analyse music. The National Curriculum is at the heart of the document, developing incremental improvement lesson by lesson and building on the ambition of the Model Music Curriculum. Singing is a “Golden Thread” (National Plan for Music Education) ensuring that pupils sing and develop their technique every lesson. Pupils will develop deep musical knowledge of music through demonstrating the musical skills they have learnt. The three pillars of learning; technical, constructive and expressive are all embedded through practical music making and analysis. By giving explicit singing and listening examples we are making sure that pupils are exposed to a breadth of musical styles and genres, embedding the work of the great composers as key artists in that particular style. High quality music teaching is our goal, making sure that there is progression between all Key stages, ensuring standard use of vocabulary and being explicit in the musical knowledge and skills pupils will learn by the end of KS2, ensuring continued high-quality music teaching at Key stage 3 through deeply embedded skills. Repetition and incremental improvement is key to effective music learning, making sure that deep knowledge is embedded and that pupils don’t purely experience music.



The progress map demonstrates the expected outcome for each pupil at the end of year group, giving clear outcomes based on Technical, constructive and expressive skills. This will be achieved overtime through repetition of exercises. Each toolkit contains 4 components, each containing key skills (such as singing, listening and composing) to develop as musicians. We have deliberately not given the amount of teaching time for each component, as it will depend on the pupils and the class but it is expected that all components will be completed by the end of each term. There are links to videos and examples to support the teaching but are not intended for teachers to show to the class. High quality music teaching succeeds when the teacher is leading the music, giving suggestions for improvement and ultimately allowing the pupils to have more control of the sound they are making.



Pupils will be able performers moving from confidence in Rhythm and pulse in Year 1 and 2, Pitch and Melody in Year 3 and 4 and then developing a rounded musician at Year 5 and 6. Pupils will sing, perform, compose and appraise confidently having been nurtured as musicians. Controlling the sound is key to pupils demonstrating their development and ability as musicians, having more control and the intent of the music.


Music Curriculum Overview

Music Curriculum Narrative



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