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Whole School Celebration of the Word

Celebration of the Word - Refugee Week 2024

Raise Your Voice for Justice

Reception class leading our whole school Celebration of the Word. The focus of this worship was remembering we are all part of God's family.

Celebration of the Word - The Feast of St Joseph

Year 2 - Earth Day 2024 - Stewardship and Participation

Y5 - Jesus the Teacher


We gathered around the focal point which was dressed in a green cloth for ordinary time. We breathed in and reflected on our school, parish and own worries. We paused and took the time to reflect. We sang the Alleluia to greet the gospel. We shared the gospel from Mark 1: 21-28 which told us about Jesus being a teacher and showing others the right way to live. Next, we reflected quietly on the gospel reading by thinking how we could be the example and live like Jesus. To end our celebration of the word, we sang A new commandment before saying the Our Father. 

Year 6 Celebration of the Word- St. John the Baptist

Today we gathered together to reflect upon the life of St. John the Baptist. We listened to the gospel which told us all about how John, who heard God's call and followed. The children in year 6 said prayers which asked for encouragement and inspiration to do the same.

Remembrance Service


Today during our whole school collective worship, Year 2 led our school in a Remembrance Day Service. We prayed for those caught up in past and present conflicts. Each class created a remembrance wreath and lay them at the focal point. 

 Year 4 - Going Forth

Our KS2 Harvest Celebration was all about celebrating the harvest and how we can share, save and serve with all of the food collected during this time - all words you can make from the word Harvest. As part of our going forth, we wrote on and decorated autumn leaves saying how we plan to share this harvest time.

Our KS2 Harvest Festival

The parable of the tenants - Year 5 - 9/10/23

Year 5 lead our Celebration of the Word which taught us how to respect Jesus and care for others. We gathered by setting the focal point and by completing some breathing exercises to help us focus. We shared the gospel which was taken from Matthew 21: 33-43. We reflected on the gospel message and thought about the tenants who rejected Jesus. We thought about how we could respect Jesus and care for others, during the week. We responded to the gospel by saying our written prayers and ended by singing 'All things bright and beautiful'. This hymn helped us to think about our world and how we can respect it just like Jesus has taught us. 

The Feast of St. Matthew 2023

Today in our collective worship we celebrated the feast day of St. Matthew. We listened to the gospel of Matthew who described his life before his conversion. We discussed with the children how Matthew had the strength to follow Jesus and that he was welcomed even if he did wrong. 



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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