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Autumn 2023

Democracy Day

Yesterday, we had our democracy day here at St. Oswald's. All of the children in our school voted for head boy/girl after listening to all of the candidates speeches. The children all thought about how a democratic society requires a voting system to allow the chosen representatives to help make important decisions. 

The winners are...  Charlie-D and Steven. Well done to you both.

Roald Dahl Day

Happy Roald Dahl Day! To celebrate this special day and wonderful author the Year 6 children have been thinking about character descriptions of Mr and Mrs Twit. The children wrote their own descriptions of these characters to make their profiles interesting and detailed. They focused on their appearance and personality.

Madison showed great enthuasium and engagement in our Roald Dahl session, she was chosen to win a special prize for her character description. Well done Madison! 

A Visit from our Community Police Officer

Today we were visited by Chris who is a local community policer officer. He talked about the judicial system and the consequences of antisocial behaviour in our community. The children asked lots of interesting questions and enjoyed finding out about the role Chris undertakes each day; we really appreciated this special visit. 

House Group- Celebrating St. Oswald

Our house group this week celebrated the life and work of our patron saint St. Oswald. In our house groups we discovered why he was an important man and his history. We enjoyed finding out about the life of our special patron saint.

Celebrating Mass at St.Oswalds Parish Church

Today we attended our local church to celebrate mass. During the homily Father Keith spoke to us about how to live out catholic values by donating clothes or money to the people of Libya, who need our help at the moment due to flooding in their country. 

The Feast of St. Matthew 2023

Today in our collective worship we celebrated the feast day of St. Matthew. We listened to the gospel of Matthew who described his life before his conversion. We discussed with the children how Matthew had the strength to follow Jesus and that he was welcomed even if he did wrong. 


Class Liturgical Prayer- 21.9.23

The children decided to plan our class liturgy this week all about love. Ella and Charlie-D wanted to link the liturgy to the current topic in our RE lessons. The children chose to read The Prodigal Son during the Word as the scripture tells us of the unconditional love God has for us. The girls also wrote some thought provoking prayers and asked the children to either write a prayer or a promise to how they would show love as their mission, on a heart we had made. To end the liturgy the girls decided to teach the children in the class how to sign LOVE using British Sign Language.


Safety Works

Year six visited safety works today. The centre is managed and operated by Tyne and Wear Fire Rescue Service. It provides realistic and interactive scenarios which enable practical learning in a safe and controlled environment, to raise awareness of how to stay safe. The sessions aim to make pupils aware of not taking unneccessary risks, everyday dangers and how to avoid accidents and injuries. We met representatives from The RNLI, Police/Fire service and the Dog's Trust.


Today we made a vegetable curry. In our DT lessons we have looked at the history of this dish and especially in Great Britain. When planning our curry, we also have thought about how we can have a healthier diet by including more vegetables into our meals. We also kept in mind how we can have a more positive impact on the planet by eating a more plant based diet. 

October- The Month of Mary

During October we pray the rosary, it is a prayer founded on the relationship between Jeus and Mary. The rosary prayer focuses on the life of Jesus from the scriptures. The beads are divided into five sections; each decade represents an event from the life of Christ, called mysteries.

Music with Mr Richardson

Mr Richardson has been teaching us the new mass setting callled the Gaudete. The new mass setting seeks to bring together the Bishop Chadwick Trust as one by celebrating the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Science Experiment

Today we planned and carried out a science experiment to investigate how excercise effects our pulse rate. The children decided to run for varying distance to find out how this might then raise our bpm.

Faith In Action Award

The Faith in Action award rewards young people's active service to others in their local and wider community. The year 6 children decided to brighten up the world by fundraising for our gobal community and have planned a 'Brighten Up' non- uniform day. The non-uniform day is for all year groups on Thurs 19th October. All proceeds for our fund raising will be sent to CAFOD -Emergencies, Morrocco and Pakistan. We decided to plan this fund raising day following on from Father Keiths homily, when he discussed the duty to follow our mission to help those less fortunate than ourselves and to carry out our Catholic Socal Teaching.

As part of our Faith in Action, the year six children helped to collect and packed donations for our Harvest festival this year, the donations were sent to Hospitality and Hope which is a local charity who run a much needed foodbank.

Brighten up - Faith In Action Assembly

The children in Year 6 led a Faith In Action Assembly today. They spoke to all the students in our school about how CAFOD is working with communities around the world to support people in poverty and to help others understand that every child has the right to water and education. The children talked about the need to take action to support these communities. Tomorrow it is Brighten Up day at St. Oswald's; a day to put our faith in action by raising money for those communities (Morocco and Libya) in need. The money we raise really does change lives.

Class Celebration of the Word-17.10.23

Three of our Year 6 children planned the Celebration of the Word this week, they decided the theme would be 'Kindness.' The children wanted to gather around our prayer table in the classroom and listen to Ephesian 4:29-32. A heart was passed around the circle to allow the children to respond to the word by thinking or saying a kind statement.  They also asked the children in the class to think about ways we can be kind this week and write on a kindness symbol as their mission.  To end the celebration the children decided they wanted to sing 'My Lighthouse' a hymn which is joyful.

Maths Week 2023

This week we are celebrating Maths Week in school, the theme we chose this year focuses on 'Money in Everyday life'. We investigated bank loans, including mortgages and interest rates, and the reasons people may need to take out a bank loan in the first place. 


We calculated our own percentages and fractions of an amount, working as a team to find out the answers.


Science- Electricity

During our 'Electricity' lessons we have been learing about the major discoveries which have influenced the use of electricity in the modern world. We investigated circuits and went on to make our own, we then drew diagrams using scientific symbols.


During our English lessons this week we have been performing the poem 'Windy Nights.'  The year six children focused on using the correct tone, expression and actions when reciting the poem and worked together to decide how they would produce their group version. 

Celebration of the Word-3.11.23

Today we gathered together for the celebration of the word. Year six celebrated the feast of All Saints, they are all important people who live a life in Jesus' footsteps. The children listened to the gospel of Matthew and responded by choosing a saint to write a prayer to and writing the name of that saint on a pebble. The pebbles will be taken to our prayer garden for others who need inspiration of prayer.

Dodgeball Tournament

Year 6 SATS and Robinwood Meeting

Any parents who were unable to attend the meeting this evening about SATS and Robinwood, your children will receive the appropriate letters tomorrow!


Using Scratch we created our own games in our computing lesson this week, the children have enjoyed using this app to code.

KS2 Carol Concert

Upper Key Stage 2 Christmas Party

We really enjoyed our Christmas Party today. The children played party games just as Wink Murder, Bingo and Oink Piggy Oink in our classroom then went to dance to our favourite songs in the hall.

Year 6 Advent Wreath Service

Thw word Advent is derived from the Latin word Adventus, meaning coming. It is a time of preparation, a waiting and watching time and the season during which Christians anticipate the coming of Christ. In the year six advent wreath service, to celebrate the fourth week of advent, we concentrated and thought about the true meaning of Christmas.

Year 6 Travelling Crib

The travelling crib is to help us remember the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem, during advent the children and families in our school are invited to take part in this project.  Each school night a child in each class will take the travelling crib home to take time to think about the true meaning of Christmas. Here are some of the wonderful prayers and ideas that the children wrote in the travelling crib book.



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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