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Wildlife Club

Welcome to Wildlife Club!

Here at Wildlife Club we meet everything Thursday in Year 1 with Miss Nelson to begin our wild adventures. Each week we focus on a different area of wildlife.


Our aim is;

  • To attract more species of wildlife to our school grounds.
  • To care for the wildlife we find.
  • To develop our school grounds to be an exciting and safe place for wildlife.


Please explore the photographs below to see our recent adventures.



Wildlife Garden Designs


This week was the first week back after out October half term break. We were joined by a few new faces this week which was very exciting! For the week's activity we were looking at the new 'Wildlife Garden' which we have been allowed access to and we have been given the freedom to make it our own. Our aim is to create a relaxing and natural area to welcome a wide range of wildlife. We talked about the sort of creatures we wanted in our Wild Garden and how we could attract them. We discussed how we could make a pond for frogs, a minibeast hotel for insects, a wild meadow for bees and butterflies and bird houses for different bird species. We very excitedly set to work on designing our wildlife gardens. We hope you like our designs below...

Leaf Art


This week we have been using our natural surroundings to create art! We first went on a walk around the school ground to find a wide range of leaves, we found a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. We also collected other natural objects such as; sticks, feathers and seeds. We later used our collections to create leaf art. We all had lots of creative ideas and made pictures such as; lions, dogs, dinosaurs, robots, hedgehogs and more!

Minibeast Hunting!


This week we have been excellent detectives looking for minibeasts in our outdoor areas. As the weather is now getting colder we have to look in some unusual places to find our creatures as we knew minibeasts like dark and damp places to hide in. However, this was not stopping our minibeast explorers! We used excellent detective skills and our minibeast checklists to find them! Once we found the minibeasts, we had a closer look by carefully putting them into specimen containers and using magnifying glasses to see the creatures up close. We all had lots of fun!


This week we have been out with clipboards, bird identification sheets, magnifying glasses and binoculars. We used these tools to identify and find different species of birds within our school grounds. So far we have found lots of woodpigeons, magpies, sparrows and blackbirds. Next week, we are going to make bird feeders which should attract more species.

Tasty Apple Birdfeeders

This week we have been making bird feeders using all natural products. We used apples, sticks, string and lots of tasty bird seeds. We had lots of fun making these bird feeders, at the end of the session we hung them all up in cosy places within the trees.


If you would like to try to make these birds feeder, please see the photos and weblink below!

Sticky Honey Birdfeeders

We had lots of fun this week making our second type of bird feeders. However, this was a very sticky and messy job! We used card tubes, honey, raisins, bird seed and string. Once our bird feeders were complete, we found cosy areas high up in the trees for our birds to eat.

Leaf Rubbings


This week we had to get wrapped up warm and cosy as the season of Autumn is here! We first went outside to explore the different types of trees we could identify using our checklists. On our trail, we collected a range of different leaves of different shapes, sizes and species. Later in the session, we used our leaves to make leaf rubbing pictures. We all found this very exciting to see the leaf gradually be revealed on the page!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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