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Summer Term 2

South Shields - A Seaside Town

We have learned that the town we live in is a seaside town. We have learned lots about the seaside this week in our nursery. 

Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures

Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures 1 We added sea coloured paint to the foam.
Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures 2 We love the colour it made.
Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures 3 Harper made 'bumpy waves'.
Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures 4 Phoebe made lots of waves in her sea.
Using Shaving Foam To Make Wave Pictures 5 Harvey was great!

Exploring Shells

Exploring Shells 1 Corey told us "it's heavy."
Exploring Shells 2 Ella found 2 shells.
Exploring Shells 3 "it's spiky."
Exploring Shells 4 Amelia Rose found a tiny shell.
Exploring Shells 5 We looked for the shells hidden in the picture.

Our Nursery 'Coastal Walk' and Marine Park Visit

We had lots of fun finding lots of landmarks along our coastline. We had to remember lots of details about them so we could draw them on our 'Journey Map' on our return to Nursery.

Picture 1 The Littlehaven Pathway
Picture 2 We walked towards the Groyne.
Picture 3 It was very windy.
Picture 4 The Littlehaven Hotel
Picture 5 Harrison stood next to 'A Weeble'.
Picture 6 They had no legs!
Picture 7 Beside the beach!
Picture 8 The Eye!
Picture 9
Picture 10 The Dunes
Picture 11 The Amphitheater
Picture 12
Picture 13 The Marine Park
Picture 14
Picture 15 We all had our picnics.
Picture 16 Mmm Ice Creams!
Picture 17 We played in the play park.
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Great work Olly!
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25 Kota went down the slide really fast!

         SPORT'S DAY

We had great fun at our sport's day! Running, jumping, balancing, crawling!

Mud Week - What a muddy week we've had! We have been exploring the properties of 'mud'! We had fun digging up some mud from our digging pit then adding water to it! We watched how the consistency changed the more water we added to it!

We had fun creating our own mud cake recipes with ingredients from the forest. Lots of number work and counting was involved! Then we gathered the ingredients to make our cakes. Some of us worked as a team to make them!

Then we made our own mud paint and painted mud pictures! We explored adding powder paint to the mud to investigate what happened!





This week we collected some snails from our forest school and we made a special home for them in a tank.  We have taken really good care of them; collecting leaves and grass, stones and vegetables to make them feel at home.  We looked at information books and found out that snails like to be damp so we sprayed them with water every day.  We made some delicious 'snail soup' for them to eat and we looked at the long 'snail trails' they leave behind! 

Slimy Snails

Slimy Snails 1
Slimy Snails 2
Slimy Snails 3
Slimy Snails 4
Slimy Snails 5
Slimy Snails 6
Slimy Snails 7
This week we had a visitor into school who told us all about the Muslim faith.  We looked at the special things she brought in to show us and we looked at the special Muslim prayer book, the Qur'an.  We learned that Muslim men go to a Mosque to pray; it is the same as Christians going to church to pray.  Some children from Reception got dressed up in  traditional Muslim clothes and looked at the prayer mats.  It was fantastic to find out about another religion! 


Islam 1
Islam 2
Islam 3
Islam 4

Fun in the rain....

Fun in the rain.... 1 Mrs Raine helped us to make muddy puddles!
Fun in the rain.... 2
Fun in the rain.... 3 Jumping in puddles was great fun!
Fun in the rain.... 4 We used the umbrellas to stop us from getting wet!
Fun in the rain.... 5
Fun in the rain.... 6
This week we have been having lots of fun outdoors.  We learned about throwing our beanbag gently and accurately to get it into the target.  We made tally marks to keep count how many points we scored and then we counted the total to find out who had scored the most points!  
Picture 1
Picture 2

Ball Skills


We have worked hard learning how to play ball games with our friends  We played passing games by throwing, rolling and kicking.  We also went into the Mugga to play a game of football.  Mrs Raine was in goal and the children tried really hard to score goals!

Picture 1 We started by rolling the ball to a friend.
Picture 2 Then we threw it.
Picture 3 We kicked the ball to our friend.
Picture 4
Picture 5 We made the space between us bigger.
Picture 6 Koby and Harvey were great partners.
Picture 7
Picture 8 We had fun playing in the mugga.
Picture 9
Picture 10 We scored lots of goals!

Write Dance


We started our week by thinking about volcanoes before creating a volcano dance to music.  We built up our movement throughout the week and by Friday we were ready to transfer our movements to paper.  We used circles and different types of lines to create our volcano masterpiece.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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