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Summer 1

Our Senses Walk

We learned about our 5 senses - touch, sight, smell, taste and hear!

On our walk we took opportunities to use them to feel, look, smell, taste and listen to things in our environment.

Minibeast Explorers

This half term we are looking at minibeasts! We received tiny caterpillars and stick insect eggs in our nursery. We are taking care of them and watching how they develop.

We are also still watching how the tadpoles are changing into frogs.

Now that it is getting warmer we are noticing a lot more creatures in our forest!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have loved our learning activities this week based on the Eric Carle's story.

We have watched how our own caterpillars are growing (they are getting really big now!). We have shared the story, used props and sequenced it. 

We are learning about our names- how many letters in it, what the sounds in our name are and how to write them. We made a 'name caterpillar' and wrote each letter in a segment.

'Symmetrical' is a big word that we have learned.

"It means it is the same on both sides." - Aria

After noticing symmetrical patterns on the pictures of a butterfly we made our own butterflies using paint and then mosaic shapes to create symmetrical wings.

We have practised our fine motor skills by using a hole punch to make holes in a leaf and then threading our 'wool' caterpillar through them. Just like in the story!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We're going on a Mini Beast Hunt

We have been so busy in our nursery exploring different mini beasts and their habitats!

Mrs Raine hid pictures of them around the nursery and we had to find them. New 'explorer's ' equipment was introduced in our imagination area and we have had lots of fun finding the mini beasts and writing their names.

Then we looked outside in our garden and forest for real minibeasts! We had a checklist and we found 11 different kinds of creatures. 

"We found a bee on a flower." - Nina

"Spiders like dark places to live." - Otis

"Worms live under the ground." - Jessica 


We have learned all about spiders, woodlouse, millipedes, beetles, ants, bees and ladybirds.

We have learned lots of 'maths' work in our nursery involving the mini beasts! 

Making 'spiders' - cutting 8 strips of paper for their legs then arranging them '4 on each side'.

Rolling a dice to count how many spots to put on the ladybird. Putting the same amount on each side then adding how many altogether!

Sorting the minibeasts into 'legs' or 'no legs' and 'wings' or 'no wings' and counting how many legs they had!






“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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