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Spring 2

Shrove Tuesday

Today we had lots of fun following the recipe to make pancakes. We shared the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes and learned a new pancake song.

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day! 1
Pancake Day! 2
Pancake Day! 3
Pancake Day! 4
Pancake Day! 5
Pancake Day! 6
Pancake Day! 7
Pancake Day! 8
Pancake Day! 9
Pancake Day! 10
Pancake Day! 11
Pancake Day! 12
Pancake Day! 13

Our Memorable Experience - Breakfast at St Oswald's Nursery!

We started our new topic this week 'Why Can't I Have Chocolate For Breakfast?'

We thought about it and we had lots of different answers.

".......because you will got wrong of your Mam." - Sienna

".......because you will get a bad tummy." Spencer

".........because you have to wait till after Dinner." - Caitlyn

We learned about healthy foods and foods that we should have as a treat!


We looked at foods we eat at breakfast time and made shopping lists of what to buy for breakfast with our grown up's.

We loved having breakfast at nursery. We ate lots of healthy foods. Cereals, toast and fruit!



Memorable Experience

Memorable Experience 1 We sorted foods into 'breakfast' and 'dinner'.
Memorable Experience 2 Our breakfast at nursery.
Memorable Experience 3 White bread and brown bread for toast.
Memorable Experience 4
Memorable Experience 5 We chose our own breakfast.
Memorable Experience 6 Great spreading Millie.
Memorable Experience 7 Zac got toast for his Nanna.
Memorable Experience 8 Harley loved her Daddy coming for breakfast.
Memorable Experience 9
Memorable Experience 10 Aston made some healthy choices.
Memorable Experience 11
Memorable Experience 12
Memorable Experience 13
Memorable Experience 14 Sienna enjoyed her toast.
Memorable Experience 15
Memorable Experience 16
Memorable Experience 17 Spencer spread the butter on his toast.
Memorable Experience 18
Memorable Experience 19 Charlie and Kota loved the cereal.
Memorable Experience 20
Memorable Experience 21 We loved having breakfast at nursery.

Our Senses

This week we have been learning about our 5 senses - sight, touch, taste, hear and smell.

We explored lots of different kinds of foods and used our senses to describe them. We used our hands to 'feel' them to see if they felt rough, smooth, spiky, bumpy and hairy!

We used some of the fruit and vegetables to print with to 'see' what shapes it made on the paper. We have displayed some of them in the nursery. 

Our noses had to do some great 'smelling' when we had to guess what was in the pot!

Our Senses

Our Senses 1 "Its long."
Our Senses 2 Lois could hear the coconut milk.
Our Senses 3 The broccoli felt "bumpy"
Our Senses 4 Kai felt the rough pineapple.
Our Senses 5 "It has spiky leaves."
Our Senses 6 Autumn could smell the lemon.
Our Senses 7 "Mmm it smells nice."

Fruit and Vegetable Printing

WORLD BOOK DAY - 5/3/2020

We had a great day coming to nursery dressed as a favourite story characters. 

We loved looking at each others costumes and sharing books with our friends and families. 

World Book Day Fun!

World Book Day Fun! 1 5 Elsa's from Frozen!
World Book Day Fun! 2 2 Anna's looking beautiful.
World Book Day Fun! 3 Our 'Superheroes'.
World Book Day Fun! 4 We had princesses in our nursery.
World Book Day Fun! 5 Our animal characters.
World Book Day Fun! 6 Story characters.
World Book Day Fun! 7 Buzz and Woody in our nursery.
World Book Day Fun! 8 Evie read her Frozen book to Isabella.
World Book Day Fun! 9 We drew our characters on our book covers.
World Book Day Fun! 10 Lots of curly hair for Goldilocks!
World Book Day Fun! 11 Aston loved sharing a book with his Mam.
World Book Day Fun! 12
World Book Day Fun! 13
World Book Day Fun! 14 More Superheroes!
World Book Day Fun! 15 ARGHHH Tigers!
World Book Day Fun! 16 Great characters.
World Book Day Fun! 17 Lots of storytelling.
World Book Day Fun! 18 Caitlyn showed her Mam her favourite book.
World Book Day Fun! 19 Spencer's Mam read us stories.
World Book Day Fun! 20 Seren and Emilia looked at books together,


Supertato arrived in our nursery. We shared lots of his stories throughout the week! We loved them so much we made our own Supertato's. 

But then..........the Evil Pea kidnapped them! Arghhhh! To get our Supertato's back we had to find 10 of the Evil Pea's friends. We were great at looking inside and outside the nursery to find them and we were very excited to get our Supertato's back!


Supertato 1 Aliza put arms and legs on her Supertato.
Supertato 2 Great work Reed.
Supertato 3 Emilia thought her Supertato was great.
Supertato 4 WOW!
Supertato 5 Oh No! Look what the Evil Pea did.
Supertato 6 He left a note! He had kidnapped or Supertato's.
Supertato 7
Supertato 8
Supertato 9
Supertato 10 The cucumber had been tied with tissue!
Supertato 11 He turned a potato into mash!
Supertato 12 Harley found an Evil Pea!
Supertato 13 Great work Kota!
Supertato 14
Supertato 15
Supertato 16
Supertato 17 We found the 10 peas.
Supertato 18
Supertato 19 We put them in jail.
Supertato 20 We were nursery Superheroes!
Supertato 21 Hooray!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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