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Spring 2

Shrove Tuesday

We have welcomed the start of Spring term 2 in our nursery by learning about Lent.

We made our own pancakes in the nursery on Shrove Tuesday. Then on Ash Wednesday we changed our focal points in the nursery from green to purple. Purple represents 'getting ready' and we learned that we are getting ready for Easter. 

World Book Day 2022

Well, we loved coming to nursery in our favourite book characters!

We shared our books with our reception class friends. We loved looking at everyone's different costumes! They were great.

Let's Get Growing!

As we notice that Spring is arriving we have been taking care of our garden and allotment area.

We have been learning about flowers and how they grow. Sometimes from a bulb and sometimes from seeds. 

In our allotment we have been very busy! We have taken all the weeds out of the raised beds in preparation for planting the vegetables.

For 2 weeks we have planted peas seeds, sweetcorn seeds and flowers seeds. These have been put in the polytunnel as it is a bit early to go outside just yet.

We have been able to plant carrots and potatoes outside! We are learning how to take care of them.

Our Spring walk - Looking for signs of Spring!

Daffodils! Observational paintings- Stem, petals, trumpets!

Planting seeds, flowers and vegetables!

Living Eggs!

We are very lucky in our Early Years to have the opportunity to observe the life cycle of a chick. We received 10 eggs from the farm on Monday. We learned about how the eggs were being kept warm in an incubator. The eggs were numbered 1 to 10 so that we could observe the order that they hatched but we were so surprised to find that during Tuesday night 6 hatched - all girls! 

2 more - a girl and a boy hatched during the day!

We learned that the girls have brown feathers and the boys have yellow. 

We are waiting for the last 2 to hatch and the others have been moved to a brooder box!

We are having lots of chick fun and cuddles in our nursery.


Living Eggs

Spring and Easter in our Nursery

We are very busy with our Spring and Easter activities.

Look at all the lovely things we have been doing!

Shape chicks

Rolling marbles on oval paper

Shaving foam patterns on eggs

Tasting hot cross buns


More Easter Activities

We have had another busy week in our nursery!

More chick fun!

Easter Hunt

Making natural crosses (new life)

Easter baskets and chocolate nests!

Collecting eggs (balls) and counting how many?



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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