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Spring 1


We have been very busy since we have returned after our holiday! We have welcomed our new friends into the nursery and we have all helped them settle in. 

We have learned how we can help other people as well as how people in our school help us. 

The caretaker, cook and office staff came into the nursery to tell us how they help us in our school. We asked them lots of questions. 

Settling In

Who helps us in our school?

"The babies need our help!"

Following the children's interest we shared our thoughts of how we can help look after the babies in our nursery.

"They need their nappy changing." -Ella

"If they're bad you give them medicine."- Nina

"You can give them dinner." - Jacob

We have helped take care of them, even becoming 'doctors'!

We were inspired even more after our visit from 'Tracy the Paramedic'. She explained to us her role and showed us lots of interesting things.

Helping to take care of others


During the season of Winter we have noticed lots of changes in the weather! We have seen frosty days and icy days and we can't wait for a snowy day! 

We have learned about 'cold' colours. White, grey, blue, black! We explored how to make different shades by adding white paint. 

One day we found the water in our tuft spots outside had turned to ice! We had lots of fun using hammers to break it up.

This week we have been 'scientists' doing a 'frosty experiment'. We had lots of ice in a metal tin, then we added salt and water to it! We were very surprised to see 'frost' appear on the side of the tin!

Ice and Frost Explorers

Kung Hei fat choy! (Happy New Year)

This week in our nursery we have been learning how Chinese people celebrate their New Year.

We have shared power points and stories to find out new things.

"Red and orange are lucky colours." - Nina

"It is the Year of the Tiger." - Jacob

"They eat special food." - Isaac

We have dressed up, had noodles and rice, taken part in our own 'Dragon Dance', made a red and orange 'lucky' picture and explored 'tigers'. What a busy week!

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Tiger.

On the beat in nursery!

This week we had a special visitor. Whiteleas community police officer, PC Watkins and his community support officer PC Alice!

We learned all about the role of a police officer and have been able to use our new knowledge and experiences to support our learning when in our role play. 

We have seen lots of scenarios being acted out, even some people getting sent to jail!

We have been extending our language by learning lots of new words.


Police Officer (instead of man/woman) , criminal(instead of bad guy), law, arrest, thief(instead of robber), incident, guilty, innocent, handcuffs, radio(instead of walkie talkie)

PC Watkins visits our nursery


We are still learning how important it is to take care of ourselves. This week we have learned about personal hygiene. We have loved bathing the babies.

"We have to go in the bath or we will be dirty!" - Laila

"You might get smelly!" - Vada

"There are germs." - Otis

We explored using paint to show us where soap needs to cover when washing our hands. It is very important that we wash all over our hands - front, back and in between our fingers!

Then we used soap to wash it off!

"You wash your hands after the toilet!" - Isaac

"If they are dirty off the mud." - Jessica

"When you have your dinner." - Alice

Washing our hands

heartheartheartLove is in the Airheartheartheart

We have thinking about 'Love' in our nursery this week! We thought about who we love and how it makes us feel

"It makes you feel all fluffy like a teddy." Phoebe

"I love my Mam and Dad because they give me big snuggles." Ella

"It makes your heart beat." Otis

We have made lots of hearts, necklaces, love potions(sensory bottles), ordering hearts by size, matching petals to numerals  and Valentine cards. 

We are now looking forward to our half term break!

Valentines Day



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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