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Spring 1

Exploring Winter

We have looked for signs of Winter. We have explored colours that make us feel cold. After a frosty night we shared the story of Jack Frost. We learned all about frost and ice. We filled our tuft spot outside with water and waited for it to freeze. Jase checked everyday to see if it had frozen! We were all very excited when we found that it had. We made our own ice! We explored making it in different shaped containers and the waited to see which shape melted the fastest. We made an ice picture with things collected from our forest. Lots of us have been using great scientific language while learning about the ice.


Icing Sugar Pictures

Exploring Ice

We explored mixing black and white paint to create different shades of cold colours.

Making Our Own Bird Feeders

In Winter, we learned that the birds find it difficult to get food from the ground, especially when it is frosty and the ground is hard. We made our own bird cakes that we are going to hang in our forest for the birds. Maybe you can make your own at home for your garden.

Making Bird Feeders


This week in nursery we have loved the story by Michael Rosen. We have acted out the actions, added sounds to the pictures, made our own bear hunt (PE) and even did some bear hunt yoga (Cosmic Kids).

You can find the author retelling the story on You Tube!

Making a noisy story

Our own bear hunt!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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