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Autumn 2

We have been getting ready for Christmas by preparing our own Christmas Eve bag!

We have made our own Magic Reindeer Dust and have made our very own Christmas Cake (for Santa!). We have made sure we did not forget Rudolph by adding a carrot for him in the bag!

Christmas Cake Making

Christmas Cake Making 1 Harley helped whisking the eggs.
Christmas Cake Making 2 Great whisking Kai.
Christmas Cake Making 3 Catlyn knew what to do!
Christmas Cake Making 4 Chopping the cherries.
Christmas Cake Making 5
Christmas Cake Making 6 We mixed all the mixture together.
Christmas Cake Making 7 "Mmm it smells lovely."
Christmas Cake Making 8 Kota said "it smells like Christmas."
Christmas Cake Making 9 Aliza added the mixture to the tin.
Christmas Cake Making 10 Harley spread the honey on top.
Christmas Cake Making 11 Aston pressed the cutter to make a star.
Christmas Cake Making 12 Decorating it will silver balls.
Christmas Cake Making 13 Great decorating boys!
We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party.  We played lots of games including 'pass the parcel', 'musical bumps' and 'corners'.  The children and staff had lots of fun!

Christmas Party Fun!

Christmas Party Fun! 1
Christmas Party Fun! 2
Christmas Party Fun! 3
Christmas Party Fun! 4
Christmas Party Fun! 5
Christmas Party Fun! 6
Christmas Party Fun! 7
Christmas Party Fun! 8
Christmas Party Fun! 9
Christmas Party Fun! 10
Christmas Party Fun! 11
Christmas Party Fun! 12
Our Stick man story inspired us to make our own stick men so we collected sticks from our forest and used the resources in our Crafty Corner!  We listened very carefully to the story and we were able to make our own story map.  Excellent work Nursery children!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
This week Monty the magpie came to Nursery to visit us.  We helped him to build a cosy nest with autumn leaves.  On Wednesday he was really sad because he had dropped all of his shiny treasures in our Nursery.  Thankfully the children were happy to help and they found all of his shiny objects.  Monty was very pleased!  We did lots of sorting activities and thought lots about what makes an object shiny.  Maybe we will need to explore this a little bit more........

Monty Magpie

Monty Magpie 1
Monty Magpie 2
Monty Magpie 3
Monty Magpie 4
Monty Magpie 5
This week we held a 'Stay and Play' where we invited parents and carers into Nursery to share our learning.  Thank you to all of the adults who came and participated in all of our activities!

Stay and Play

Stay and Play 1
Stay and Play 2
Stay and Play 3
Stay and Play 4
Stay and Play 5
This week we had lots of fun exploring fireworks.  We thought about the colours and the sounds they made and then made our own firework pictures by splatting paint.  The children had lots of fun and our big actions were great for developing our motor skills!

Firework Fun

Firework Fun 1
Firework Fun 2
Firework Fun 3
Firework Fun 4
Firework Fun 5

Is it shiny?

We've been learning lots more about shiny things. On the way to nursery Olly noticed the moon will still in the sky! This led to lots of discussions about day and night. We remembered about 'stars' and thought that Monty Magpie would like shiny stars for his nest. But how would he reach them? Fly? Go in a rocket? Climb a tall tree? We shared a story 'How to catch a star' about a little boy trying to catch a star.

This has led us to think about night times, space, nocturnal animals and lots more!

We have also taken part in Road Safety Day. We learned how to cross the road safely. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK!

We looked at safe places to cross.

"At the traffic lights, you press the button and the cars stop." - Autumn

"The zebra crossing." - Caitlyn

"A lollipop person." Zac

We thought about being seen in the dark and reflective clothing. We made our nursery very dark and played with the glow sticks. It was lots of fun and very colourful!

Glow Stick Fun!

Glow Stick Fun! 1
Glow Stick Fun! 2
Glow Stick Fun! 3
Glow Stick Fun! 4

Nursery Rhyme Week

Our challenge was to learn 5 Nursery Rhymes. Some of them we already knew but some were new ones. We practiced each day and held our own Nursery Rhyme Show in our very own 'Little Stars Theatre'.

We all received a certificate for our great work!


Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery Rhyme Week 1 The girls sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Nursery Rhyme Week 2 The audience watched the show.
Nursery Rhyme Week 3 Great singing!
Nursery Rhyme Week 4 We knew all the words!
Nursery Rhyme Week 5 Kai and Max sang beautifully!
Nursery Rhyme Week 6 Our Well Done certificates.



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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