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Autumn 2

Our Christmas Party!

We had so much fun at our party! We loved seeing each others party clothes. There were lots of dancing and games, which we were very good at! 

Then we had our party food!

Christmas Fun in our Nursery!

During Advent in our nursery we are preparing for Christmas and have been very busy!

We have been doing our Advent calendar and our Advent line each day. 

We have learned about the true meaning of Christmas and the story of The Nativity. 

There have been lots of Christmas crafts and activities to!

Christmas Fun!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Our traditional tale this week has been the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!

We have learned all about the characters and loved making a loud giant's voice and footsteps!

We have planted (not magic beans) but Daffodils. We learned we have to plant them now but we will not see them grow until the Spring. 

We explored mixing colours to make new colours eg red + blue=purple, red + yellow=orange and the colour we needed was green and we had great fun painting one hand yellow and the other hand blue then rubbing them together to make green!

We made our own beanstalks then practised our scissor skills by cutting out the characters to go on the beanstalk.

Nursery Rhyme Week

Monday - Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Tuesday - Incy, Wincy Spider

Wednesday - Wind the Bobbin Up

Thursday- Sleeping Bunnies

Friday - Down in the Jungle

We have loved learning the different songs and rhymes all week! It is a very important skill to learn and helps us with our speaking, communication, listening and music skills!

We enjoyed a special 'Nursery Rhyme Concert' where we performed all of the songs we learned all week!



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Children In Need 2021

Traditional Tales

Over the next few weeks our learning will be based on familiar traditional tales.

This week our 'Book of the Week' was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

We learned about the number '3' and language based around size. 

We learned that there were lots of different words to describe size - big, large, huge, little, small, tiny, medium, middle-sized!

We loved learning the song and the actions (BBC Radio)

Outside, we made the 3 bears cottage and acted out the story remembering the repeated refrains throughout the story and adding voices and sounds.

"Who's been eating my porridge?"

Little bears chair broke, "CRASH!"


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Making Porridge

Remembrance Day

Lights and Sparkles!

On our return to nursery we have been learning all about Diwali - the festival of light!

We shared the book 'Dipal's Diwali' and found out how his family were preparing for the celebration!

We made our own 'Rangoli patterns' and 'Mendhi hands'! 


This week we have also looked at the celebration of 'Bonfire Night'! We have shared sparkler safety and made our own 'safe sparklers'! 

We had lots of fun making fireworks using balls to roll and bounce on paper! It was a bit messy!

And of course we made a special firework treat - 'breadstick sparklers'. We melted chocolate and dipped our breadsticks into it and then into sprinkles! Delicious! Maybe you can make these at home!

Diwali- Rangoli Patterns and Mehndi Hands

Fireworks - Sparklers, Big Fireworks, Firework Treats and Firework Yoga!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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