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Autumn 1

smileyOur First Weeksmiley

Well, what a very busy week Mrs Hambling and Mrs Raine have had in our nursery this week! We have had lots of fun welcoming some friends back and meeting our new children. We are slowly learning our nursery routine and which colour groups we are in, more of this very important work will continue next week. 

We have all been exploring the different areas of the nursery!

I Am Amazing!

This week in our nursery we have been very busy learning about our faces and our bodies!

We used mirrors to look closely at our faces. We were able to talk about our features, noticing things that are the same and different about each others faces. We went onto think about our bodies! We had lots of fun drawing around each other. We could name lots of the parts of our body. 

We even visited the forest to collect natural materials to make clay tree faces which we have attached to the 'interesting tree' in our forest. 

We had the best treat on Friday when we made fruity 'Pancake faces'. We talked about and looked at which fruit worked best for each part of our face!

"The blueberries can be eyes." Alice

"The blackberries can be a big nose, I like blackberries!" Nina

"The raspberries are bumpy." Aria


Exploring Faces!

Exploring our bodies

Clay 'Tree Faces'


In our Nursery this week we have been learning about 'Harvest' and 'Vegetables'.

We have used our senses to explore and investigate lots of different vegetables. 

"The broccoli feels bumpy." Alice

"I like carrots, I have them on my dinner." Phoebe

We have used the vegetables to print with and to practice our cutting skills. 

We loved making our vegetable soup recipes and making our very delicious vegetable soup!

"The onions made me cry." Ella 

"I can cut the potato, it was easy." Olivia R


All Things Autumn!

We have been learning all about the season of autumn. We looked for signs of autumn around our school. We learned lots of new language - Sycamore seeds, Horse chestnut, conker husk, evergreen, berries and fir cone. 

We loved looking at the colours of the leaves and were really good at identifying them and sorting them into different ways. By colour, shape and size! 

You were great at talking about the autumn treasures you collected on your autumn walk, well done!

Autumn - Week 1

Autumn 2

This week in our nursery we have been learning about animals that hibernate in the Autumn. We found out lots of facts

by using the internet. 

'Queen bees hibernate by burying themselves into the ground.'

'Toads like a dark, damp environment to hibernate in.'


Our favourite has been the hedgehog and we shared a lovely story about Hattie the hedgehog called 'Don't hog the Hedge.'


We made our own clay hedgehogs and found our own sticks to use as spikes. If the stick was to long then we snapped them to make them the right size,

In our forest we made a 'hibernaculum' - we had found out that we needed lots of dry grass and leaves to create a nice, warm environment for an animal to hibernate in. We think Hattie's friends will love them. 

Creating a hibernaculum


We love the '5 Little Pumpkins' song (Simple Songs)! We learned about the different emotions of the pumpkins. We thought it was very funny when Mrs Hambling pretended to cry like the pumpkin! 

We explored pumpkins by drawing on them then hollowing them out to make a Halloween pumpkins. 

Then we had a 'Pumpkin trail' where we had to find 12 hidden pumpkins in the forest and our allotment. The pumpkins played a trick on us by hiding our 'treat' in the nursery and we couldn't find them anywhere! We were very happy when we did! 


Pumpkin Trail



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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