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Autumn 1

I Am Amazing

In our nursery we having been thinking about our faces. How we all have the same features but we are all different and unique. 

We have had lots of fun using the mirrors to see the colours of our eyes, inside our mouths and making funny faces!

We have talked about how we can tell how someone is feeling by looking at their faces and have learned lots of new emotions! Happy, sad, scared, worried, angry and others.

We used the I Pad to take photos of us making different emotion faces and then guessing how we are feeling!




We have learned that we are now in the season of Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk in our forest and around the school to look for signs that autumn has arrived. 


Mr Raine found lots of conkers beside his workplace so we have created 'A Conker Station'. We have learned lots of maths from this by counting them, make shapes with them and weighing them in the balance scales!


We have shared a story about a hedgehog and then found out information about them. 

"They are prickly." - Tino

"They roll up into a ball." - Emilia 

"They hibernate." - Olivia


We have had lots of fun creating Autumn leaves, our own hedgehogs and using autumn colours to make our nursery feel Autumnal.

Our Conker Station

Using dabbers and rollers to create an Autumn Leaf

Sorting Autumn leaves

Hedgehogs everywhere!

Harvest Festival

We celebrated Harvest by dressing in Autumn Colours!

We donated £1.00 to a global charity ‘Water Aid’ and food produce to a local charity ‘Hospitality and Hope’ to help people less fortunate than us.

We had lots of fun singing ‘The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ song for our virtual Harvest festival.




We shared the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. We learned about the turnip growing and growing until it was ENORMOUS! We looked at other vegetables- colours, size, names etc

We used them to print with in our crafty corner area. 

Freddie - "The broccoli looks like little trees."

Robyn - "I love it!" She could see all the different shapes.

Alec - "I can see the lines on the onion."

Charlie - "Look it's a long carrot."

We made our own vegetable soup recipe, using scissors to cut out pictures of vegetables that we would like to put in our soup. Some of us had some very strange ideas! ​​​​​​On Friday we used the vegetables to make Vegetable Soup! We were great at using the knives to chop the vegetables. When it was cooked we could smell it right through the nursery. We enjoyed eating it with bread to dip in it!

Vegetable Week - Printing

Scissor skills - vegetable pictures for our soup recipe

Making Vegetable Soup

Mental Health Week

In nursery we enjoyed some mindfulness colouring! We played soothing and relaxing music and we could smell a lovely lavender aroma. This helped us relax our minds as sometimes our brains are very busy! It was a lovely peaceful time in our nursery. Maybe you could try this at home, turn off the TV, play some quiet music, get comfy and RELAX!

Mindfulness Colouring!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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