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Spring Fundraising

Easter Celebrations

 Well done to all who took part in our Easter bonnet/Garden of Gethsemane competition!

As always the entries have been fantastic! The kitchen staff, yet again, had great difficulty choosing winners from each class. 

The children were able to show off their great work in an Easter parade and were then presented with their prizes. 

Nursery - Garden Winners - Kate/Isaac

Bonnet Winners - Amelia/Olaf (AM), James/Marcie (PM)

Reception - Bobby/Maizie

Year 1 - Niamh/ Ryan

Year 2 - Joseph/Ava

Year 3 - Isla/ Alasia

Year 4 - Dominic/ Joe

Year 5 - Isabella/ Gracie

Year 6 - Ben/ Libby

Easter Celebrations

Easter Celebrations 1
Easter Celebrations 2
Easter Celebrations 3
Easter Celebrations 4
Easter Celebrations 5
Easter Celebrations 6
Easter Celebrations 7
Easter Celebrations 8
Easter Celebrations 9
Easter Celebrations 10
Easter Celebrations 11
Easter Celebrations 12 Judging begins!
Easter Celebrations 13 A very colourful hall!
Easter Celebrations 14 The parade begins!
Easter Celebrations 15
Easter Celebrations 16
Easter Celebrations 17 The winners!
Easter Celebrations 18 We loved our Easter Bonnets!

Take the Lent challenge 

During Lent this year the children are encouraged to 'Give It Up'. This can be as easy as giving sweets and chocolates up and donate the money. Maybe ask for donations to give up their X Box, I Pad etc! or even 'Give Up' using 5p's and donate them to Cafod instead. Each class have their own individual targets and collection boxes  and we'll see how collectively the school is fundraising in assembly each week. Any donations can be added to their class collection box throughout Lent.

Following our Easter break all of the collection boxes have now been handed in and donations counted. Amount raised in school was £151.52. The Government have pledged to 'double' any donations made to Cafod and the children have had great fun 'doubling' the total each week. Therefore the total amount raised this year is...........................£303.04!



“We walk in the footsteps of Jesus so that we may have life in all its fullness”

John 10:10

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